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We are a catering and mobile food service, providing the community with the culinary evolution of wings and fine sides.

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Our story

Two lifelong friends, Garrett and Mike, were born in the same area of New York back in 1985.  A few years later, Their families moved to Fort Wayne, where they would grow up and become active in the community. With both buds graduating with degrees in technology, they worked together in the tech industry for many years. During this time, they knew they wanted to do something more and began dreaming big. Many years and many ideas went by before Garrett stumbled up on his passion for hosting parties that would revolve around his homemade dishes. This lead to participating in local competitions, like Green Egg Fest, and going on to place first place three times in a row. He reached out to Mike with his new found passion, and Mike began his journey. Participating in parties and competitions with Garrett, Mike also learned how much he enjoyed seeing people enjoy their unique creations. These buds knew they wanted to create a mobile food experience like no other. One with flavors and creations not yet offered in their community and offer food in a variety of ways,  may it be food truck, festivals, or catering.